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  1. Asahi Welfare says:

    Hi Antonio, thank you very much for your question.
    Prices would be better for you to go through the local and so you can talk in person what kind massage you would be best for you.

    If a Finnish sauna, which reaches a temperature of 110 °, for people who are accustomed type Finnish sauna (type very dry heat) will usually put at 95 °, people who do not know the original Finnish sauna will put the maximum temperature to 80 °.

    The price of using the sauna and hot tub together is € 80 .- / hour with a maximum of four people. While this time is only for the (s) person (s) who are occupying it and nobody else can enter this (s) hour (s)

    We hope we could help a little, no doubt to call us. We are open Monday through Friday from 10: 30 20-: 30 and 10 Saturday: 30-15: 00.

    You can ask for after hours also cites the weekend.

    Have a good week and we hope you gladly.

    Asahi team Welfare

  2. Antonio says:

    Hi, I wonder what price have massages and sauna use. By the way, is a Finnish sauna?

    Thanks and best regards

  3. Asahi Welfare says:

    And Christmas and the Magi approaching. It is surprising their loved ones with a gift voucher with a spectacular wellness skin, body and soul or a spa session with Jacuzzi and Finnish Sauna massage.

    Weihnachten ist nicht sehr weit weg mehr, sie kommt mit Schritten Leisen. Überraschen Sie Ihre Geliebten Personen mit einem Gutschein für eine für das spektakuläre Massage Wohlbefinden der Haut, Körper und der Seele oder einen Aufenthalt in unserem privaten Spa-Bereich mit Jacuzzi und finnländischer Sauna.

  4. Asahi Welfare says:

    Event offers and the day 14 2013 November

    Media Legs € 69.- session
    Full legs + English € 119.-
    English € 29.-
    Axes € 29.-
    Upper lip + chin € 39.-
    Online Alba € 19.-
    Back + shoulders + armpits € 99.-

    Dermo photo-stimulation
    Pulsed Light Radiofrequency + € 49.- / session

    Book your appointment for the day 14 / 11 / 2013

    • Asahi Welfare says:

      NOVEMBER FROM THE 2013 11: 00 apologize for the inconvenience.
      THANK Offers and Event Day 11 2013 November Media
      Legs € 69.- the session Full legs + English € 119.- English
      € 29.- € Armpits Upper lip + chin 29.- € 39.- Line Alba €
      19.- Back + shoulders + underarms € 99.- Foto-Dermo Light stimulation
      Pulsed Radiofrequency + € 49.- / session Book your appointment
      for the day 11 / 11 / 2013