The PSPV Dénia will present a motion to demand that the Ministry pay the debt to Aprosdeco

29 June 2022 - 14: 51

From the municipal group of PSPV-PSOE will be presented to the ordinary plenary session in June, which will take place on Thursday, a motion to support the demands of Aprosdeco, the association that manages the 'La Xara' Occupational Center and Day Center and which, for the second time in a year, returns to find themselves in a limit situation due to non-payment of invoices by the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies.

In a document presented by registration at the Dénia City Council, the entity requests the intermediation of the consistory to get the General Directorate of Social Infrastructure to pay them the 5 pending invoices, all of them from 2022 (January, €71.839,96; February, 84.581,2 €.97.502,64; March, €76.436,84; April, €93.022,36; and May, €423.383), which add up to a debt of €XNUMX.

"To this amount in a few days the invoice for the month of June will be added, for which the amount will be increased," says Aprosdeco in his letter.

This situation reproduces the one already experienced by the association in 2021 and which led the Municipal Corporation to unanimously demand, through a motion, the immediate payment to Aprosdeco of a debt amounting to €650.000.

Therefore, as "the delay in the payment of invoices is a repeated fact that makes the entity always live to the limit and, in addition, this situation of successive non-payments is motivated by the incomprehensible and unjustified delay in the procedure for awarding the service to Aprosdeco, after the end of the previous contract at the end of 2010", the motion presented by the Socialists to the Plenary, in addition to urging the Ministry to "immediate payment of the pending debt", also requests "that an urgent meeting be requested with the new minister, Aitana Mas”.

The objective of the meeting, which representatives of Aprosdeco and the City Council would attend, as a sign of support for the entity, is to resolve the current situation of the 'La Xara' Occupational Center and Day Center and obtain "clear answers and solutions to these two problems (repeated non-payments and delays in the adjudication)", to guarantee the proper functioning of the center, "an essential service in the Marina Alta region and especially sensitive and very important for many families", and that the professionals who work can charge their salaries.

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  1. Luis says:

    The Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies is more interested in organizing parties and events.