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The PSOE endorses the strike and only their spokesperson will attend the plenary

29 March 2012 - 00: 00

Vicent Grimalt, Socialist spokesman in the city of Denia will be the only representative of his party to attend the regular full month of March. And, as reported in a note, the group has decided to endorse the nationwide strike called "Against the labor reform of the Popular Party, as it is an aggression against the rights of workers and the dismantling of the social state."

The socialists asked the Dianense mayor to change the day of the plenary session, moving it to Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning, but they were informed of the impossibility of changing it because the plenary should approve the economic adjustment plan requested by the central government, an adjustment plan that must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance the day after its approval.

The Socialists have reminded that the town council of Calpe, which also has to present the adjustment plan on the same day, have moved the plenary session to Friday morning and will send the documentation at the end of the session.

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