The PP defends the "improvement in the quality of care" of the concessionary model of health in the region

17 September 2018 - 12: 58

The autonomic deputy of the Popular Party for the Marina Alta, Antoni Joan Bertomeu, has defended this Monday in Dénia the public-private health concession model that currently manages the regional hospital.

For Bertomeu, the data show that the Marina Health Hospital "It meant an increase in the quality of care in the region". "Another thing is to get into demagogic speeches", said the deputy, who has defended the concession model as the best option "because it is based on quality".

Before the announcement of the reversion of the Dénia Hospital to the public system, from the PP shows "vigilantes to denounce any irregularity", since they fear "a deterioration in the quality of service at the time when the reversal occurs".

Bertomeu was in Dénia this Monday to take stock of the debate on general policy that was held in Les Corts last week, labeling the Puig government as "executive fake" that has not fulfilled the promises that they launched three years ago.

  1. I xelo says:

    The management of the hospital must be PUBLIC, we do not want to do business with our Health.

    • Raúl López says:

      The Valencian Community already has many public hospitals and nobody has ever complained. What you want to do some is to charge you all the concerted / private health because you do not like it. So without more. Without knowing very well why. But the reality is that if you load that public health will end up saturated, and there will come the classic regrets.

      • Luis says:

        Are you sure there are many public hospitals? Let's see, list them. And what is that to accuse people of wanting to load the Private Healthcare? And above you allege your supposed reason ... for not having a clue. Public Health is saturated for various reasons, few centers, mismanagement and what if I agree with you ... due to overuse. The problem here is another. When you privatize a public service, what happens is that a Private Company enters to manage public money… if it only manages its money but does not manage the public, creating fraudulent and exploitative situations. The service is impoverished because the Private Company sees it as a business to profit. That's the problem.

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