The plenary session of Dénia approves requesting that 2024 be the Estellés Cultural Year, with VOX voting against

January 26 from 2024 - 10: 20

The government team urgently presented in the plenary session last Thursday the proposal to request that 2024, the year in which the centenary of the birth of the poet Vicent Andrés Estellés (1924-1993) is celebrated, be declared as Estellés Cultural Year in the city of Dénia, encouraging all entities and associations of the municipality, and the region, to join the initiative.

In this sense, the Consell de la Generalitat was urged to join the initiative and organize and coordinate a cycle of activities in which all the institutions and entities involved participate, allocating resources to this end. The motion was approved by a majority with votes in favor of PSPV, Commitments, PP and GD, and the vote against Vox.

The Dénia City Council thus joins the "Estellés in the towns" initiative, of which forty Valencian municipalities and the public universities of València, Alicante and Jaime I of Castelló are already part, to remember, with several cultural activities already throughout the Valencian geography, the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the writer, the main innovator of contemporary Valencian poetry.

Expansion of the equestrian center

In addition, the plenary session unanimously approved the municipal report on the Declaration of Community Interest for the expansion of the Vall de Cavall SL equestrian sports recreational center, located in the municipality of Dénia, in the Benisaina area, close to the urban center of Gata de Gorgos.

The petition aims to be able to increase, on non-urbanizable land, services to horses and users and was promoted by the equestrian center itself. The next step is its approval and processing by the Department of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility.

Unanimous support for Bimbo workers

Another urgent motion, presented by the entire corporation and approved unanimously, was to show the support of the City Council for the demands of the workers of the Bimbo plant in Verger, for the actions of the Works Committee and the union section of CCOO due to the economic repercussions that the closure of the factory will cause. Marina Alta. This agreement will be transferred to the Works Committee and those responsible for the factory.

The municipal government team considers that the closure of the factory is "a setback for the regional productive fabric, which will have a severe impact on employment at the local and regional level, and that as the City Council of the capital of La Marina it has to make a statement regarding respect and express their support for the affected workers.

  1. jot says:

    As a poet? nothing! Propaganda as always...Just by knowing the initiator of the tribute you will see the duster

  2. NinoP says:

    Fantastic Plenary
    1.- Ask the Consell for money for “Estellés in the towns”
    2.- Approve the expansion on public lands for a private foreign business accessible only to an elite
    3.- Support for Bimbo workers… how and with what? …. verbiage to look good.

    There are no serious topics to discuss in Denia…. Health, Housing, Cleaning, education, transportation….
    Well, at least this time they have entertained themselves with nonsense and have not raised taxes or decided that we pay for more things with public money.