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Paddle Surf or Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Dénia: What is it and how to start

28 2020 April - 00: 34

SUP is a water sport accessible to all kinds of people, without distinction of age, sex or need an important previous physical preparation. The Stand Up Paddle It basically consists of sliding through the water (sea, river or swamps) on a board, generating traction with an oar and taking advantage of the favorable energies of wind and waves.

SUP is a nautical sport that gives us absolute freedom.
Like riding a bike, and as we gain experience, technique and skill, we can practice it in almost all kinds of weather conditions (SUP Race, Downwind, Waves, time trial in flat waters, ...) and with all kinds of degree of commitment ( competition, fitness, yoga, walk, game ...).

Unlike other sports that require large infrastructures, other companions or adequate weather conditions; In Stand Up Paddle you always have the possibility to decide how, when, with what degree of effort, how far and even if you want to be accompanied or not. I said absolute freedom.

Today start practicing this sport is available to practically everyone, more if we have the privilege of living in Dénia or Xàbia, where the beaches, conditions and professional services are unbeatable, it is possible to row throughout the year.

We start asking for advice on how to start Telmo Irigoyen de Leclercq Surf Shop in Xàbia, one of the best veterans of our region.

QUESTION Hello Telmo, briefly. What is your experience in the world of SUP?
ANSWER. I discovered it in January 2010, and from the first moment I got on the table I was hooked by the amount of sensations it transmitted.

Q. What would you recommend to our readers as a first step?
R. Take classes. You need to have a basic understanding of safety and paddling technique to avoid injuries or incidents and thus enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Q. Regarding the material, what is essential? And the qualities? What approximate budget are we talking about?
R. Board, paddle and safety leash. As for construction or quality of material, it will be based on the use to be made of it, sports, leisure, use at sea, lakes, rivers ... it depends. And on the same prices, the offer is very wide. It will always be a wise option to consult and acquire the material in one of the stores or specialized schools in our region.

Q. What do you recommend renting or buying at first? If you buy what solutions are there to save the material?
R. Rent until you are clear about the use you are going to give it and you have gained some experience. Then becoming a member of a club can allow us to use the club material or save ours for a monthly fee.

Q. We see the tables proliferate in summer. Is SUP a seasonal sport?
R. In our culture, any water sport is related to summer, and SUP is also related. However, both in Xàbia and Dénia and other towns in the area, there are many fans who go rowing throughout the year, both touring outings and training for competition.

Q. What would you like to add?
R. I would like to stress that SUP, being such an accessible sport, if you start practicing without any training it can become dangerous, since there are many details to take into account to practice it safely: rowing technique, position, entry and exit of the water, use of the material or the possibility of changing the sea and wind conditions while paddling among others ..., therefore, I consider it essential to always receive classes at a professional center.

Thank you. See you (soon) in the water.

If you have any questions about Stand Up Paddle, you can contact clubdesurfdenia@gmail.com and we will answer you quickly.

Text: Dénia Surf Club
Photos: Leclercq Surfing Shop (Xàbia)

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