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The Dénia Hospital insists on the importance of wearing the mask "correctly"

14 July 2020 - 15: 32

Wearing the mask is very important but even more so, wearing it "correctly" placed. This is the message they send from the Hospital de Dénia. Wearing the mask is a prevention against the spread of COVID-19. The more people carry it, the lower the contagion rate and the solution to lessen the pandemic.

From the Dénia Hospital they leave some recommendations for the correct use of the same, as well as the probability of contagion according to their use.

  1. Antonio Sanchez says:

    I find the recommendation given by the Hospital of Denia extraordinary, but who should not recommend, but impose the mandatory use of masks correctly, is the City Council that now has the power to do so. But everything he did well during the confinement ended when the schedules were established to go outside. From there the surveillance and, where appropriate, the sanctions, for non-compliance with the regulations.
    From this way of proceeding we have reached the chaos that there is now that you go out into the street and there are less and less masks properly put on. But the municipal corporation that we have must be blind and deaf because it neither sees what is happening in its city nor finds out what other more responsible municipalities and autonomies are doing. Neither does he find out what is happening again in various parts of Spain, including the Valencian Community.
    They are solely and exclusively concerned that a lot of tourism is coming and that no rules are set during their stay. And the citizens of Denia to endure because that is what the City Council that we have chosen orders. Next time you will have to think better.

    • Pedro says:

      They are going to kill us all !!!!! 🙊😚 The mask is just and necessary and if we do not seek information about the side effects of abusing it, they have made us fear insecurity we are more selfish and what they do not realize that it does not have sense Take the mask for a walk Generating respiratory problems skin eczema allergies So after the virus we will fill hospitals with other problems

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