The government of Dénia urges Mazón to inform them of the official visits that his team makes in the municipality

29 December 2023 - 13: 00

In the plenary session held yesterday at the Dénia Town Hall, the municipal groups of PSPV y Compromís They presented a motion that addresses the need for senior officials of the Generalitat Valenciana to inform the Municipal Corporation about their visits and interventions in the municipality, especially when these are relevant to the interests of the citizens of Dénia. The motion was approved with votes in favor of both parties.

The explanatory statement highlights that several senior officials of the current government of the Generalitat, PP and VOX, have made various visits and meetings in Dénia without communicating it to the Municipal Corporation. The motion argues that these meetings, which have been attended by councilors from the Popular Party, should be communicated to the local institution, since they involve issues of general interest to the citizens of Dénia.

Likewise, the motion refers to the Codi de Bon Govern of the Generalitat Valenciana, which establishes in its article 1 that public officials must observe a code of conduct in their public actions to promote upright, transparent, effective and efficient institutions. The importance of promoting the improvement of democratic quality and generating trust in institutions through transparency and integrity in the actions of those who occupy management positions is highlighted.

The final resolution of the motion urges the Valencian Government to always communicate to the municipal institution the meetings, visits and actions of senior officials that take place in Dénia in relation to institutional issues. This requirement is based on compliance with the Codi de Bon Govern of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The plenary agreement will be transferred to the President of the Generalitat Valenciana as part of the process of formal communication of the request.

  1. PERE QUART says:

    Mr. Mazon will go where he deems necessary without having to ask anyone's permission.
    But what do these xenophobic bandits on the left think?
    That Denia is your farmhouse?

  2. Fernando says:

    As if Dénia were the
    Town hall farmhouse. What is missing that
    Ask for permission or
    Communicate visits. Pure politicking that has nothing to do with the interests of citizens.