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Dénia's youth team Futsal is unstoppable by winning the Ibense (1-5)

06 December 2012 - 00: 01

The whole youth category Dénia Futsal He won by 1 to 5 Ibi and is unstoppable in the league. The dianenses have added seven wins in seven games. This is the balance of the youth team of Jaime Moreno, who each passing week continues to show a great level of play.

The match started balanced local and had a first good chance to get ahead but on the next play, Igor stood alone before the local goal and he touched the ball with his hand outside the area. The referee did not hesitate and expelled the goalkeeper ibense.

In the dianenses superiority they achieved early lead. But in a good against local 1-1 they put the. Dénia team began to take over the party and Ortega managed to overtake the dianenses. Before the break, Lunar achieved the third in a dogfight with home keeper. 1-3 with was reached at the end of the first half.

The second part was total and absolute Dianense domain. The Ibense did not approach the goal of Denia and only Jaime guys were the ones who had chances.

Ortega made the fourth and the fifth and final Palacios leaving the score at 1-5, in a match where the result could be even higher.

For the CDDénia FS juvenile played and scored: Miguel, Ricky, Palacios (1), Ortega (2), Alvaro, Jordi, Lunar (1), Igor and José Santos

The dianenses rest this weekend due to the bridge and next weekend they will receive the Serellés Alcoy.

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