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CD's draw. Dénia against Alcoyano B can cost you dearly (1-1)

May 01 from 2014 - 17: 55

Serious stumbling the one who has committed the CD. Dénia in his visit to Alcoy, not to go from the draw to one against Alcoyano B. If to this tie we join the triumph of Massanassa against Castellon (0-1) plus what happens in the meeting between Beniganim and Tavernes, it could be the case that the yellow team stayed out of the promotion of promotion after this day.

The meeting could not have started better for the CD. Dénia because the minute 8, Michael managed to overtake his team after a good individual move. Three minutes later, goalkeeper alcoyano, Javi made on Faye penalty and was sent off. The maximum penalty stopped, Jero, youth team goalkeeper.

Blow to the fragile minds of dianenses, which still placed another clear, Ferrán failed to beat goalkeeper alcoyano in a dogfight. Another clear occasion had Brian, but his shot adjusted met Jero hand to deflect a corner.

The first forty-five minutes were clearly of Dianense domain, but he forgave too much and this I end up paying dearly.

In the second half, despite playing in numerical inferiority, the Alcoyano put forward and equaled the domain of the game. The youth player, José Antonio gave the first warnings to goalkeeper Dianense Maxi. Raimon was about to equalize the match but Maxi was immense to disrupt that goal opportunity.

The minutes went by with the strange feeling that the Alcoyano could draw. 86 minutes in, José Antonio masterfully launched a foul just in the back of the net of the goal Dianense. Rather it took very ill the whole Dianense expedition.

the minute 90 Ferrán had another clear chance but the ball went out. In injury time I had the Alcoyano B, Raimón threw out all the goal to score. Players Jesús Moratal They claimed a penalty at the hands of a defender in launching a free kick executed by Gervasio. At the end of the clash it was reached with tie.

The CD. Dénia again missed a great opportunity to win a game, which in the first half could sentence and in the second could lose. Of course, playing practically the whole game in numerical superiority, which they did not know how to take advantage of.

CD Alcoyano B: Javi, Salazar (Álex, 61 '), Cano, Carlos, Andoni, Marco (Trenzano, 46'), Salas, José A., Pau (Jero, 16 '), Kiko and Ángel (Raimon, 68' ).

CD Denia: Maxi; Abou (Ismael, 88 '), Cristian, Gervasio, Paco, Heredia (Luis Morelló, 46'), Panucci, Ferrán, Brian, Michael and Faye (Carlos Ribes, 75 ').

Goals: 0-1 Michael (8 ') and 1-1 Kiko (84').

Referee: Pascual Fermosa. She warned by local part Salazar, and Kiko Cano. By visiting Heredia, Brian, Ferrán and Carlos Ribes.

Michael scored against Alcoyano B

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