Dénia lost in Borriol 2 0 to and does not depend on itself to achieve permanence

May 06 from 2013 - 00: 00

BORRIOL 2: Carles; Roberto Tomás, Pepe, Gonzalo, Javi Mora; Víctor Albalat, Pelu (Raúl Caballero, 60 min.); Carlos Martín (Babiloni, min. 76), Fidel, Nestor and Héctor Zaragoza (Pablo Ribes, min. 76).

DENIA 0: Celso; Nico, Baixauli, Garrido, Víctor Banegas, Gervasio, Michael (Dani García, min 56), Mono, Javi Corbalán (Ribés, min 50), Ferrán (Cristian, min 56) and Borja.

SCORING: 1-0, min. 54: Héctor Zaragoza. 2-0, min. 83: Raúl Caballero.

REFEREE: Rafael Bueno Miralles. TA: For local Víctor Albalat and Nestor; as well as Nico and Gervasio visitors. TR: The visitor Ribes (83 min.).

INCIDENTS: About 200 spectators at El Palmar.

Dénia is very close to the edge, after this defeat the Dianense assembly is located in the penultimate position with 40 classification points. Missing two days to conclude the league and what are 6 points per play. The dianenses have to win both their remaining games and hope they do as steel and Gandia teams now have 44. But also they walk Ribarroja has 42 and 41 Crevillente with. Things look very bad for those of Guillermo Santosjuanes.

Borriol victory was needed, and was not achieved, the team went missing as in the last month, where there is no victory has been achieved. This is paid dearly in a league so equal positions down the ranking.

The first half was dominated by the set Castellon although there were many precautions by both teams. Few chances and few arrivals to both areas. In the second half, the 54 minute goal Hector Zaragoza was the beginning of the end for Dénia.

The technical Dianense introduced more bite in their attack but to no avail and Denia never gave feeling to level the match. With seven minutes left, Raúl Caballero's goal meant the total collapse in the yellow box. 2 0 to the end for Borriol and Dénia he sees as his life slowly in Third Division goes extinct.

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