The heart of Valgamediós square beats intensely in the presentation of Cristina Reig as 2019 major faller

January 14 from 2019 - 11: 07

Plaza Valgamediós took the floor last Friday night to act as hostess in the presentation of the 2019 senior faller of the West fails, Cristina Reig Balaguer.

The heartbeat throbbed at the start of the act, presented by Javi Jiménez, who started with the president, Jose Garcia of the Queen, receiving the baton from her daughter's hands. The president addressed a few words of thanks to the attendees before receiving the numerous components of the cowboy commission on stage.

With all of them forming part of the set, she was called the protagonist of the night on stage. Cristina Reig appeared in the center of the stage before the applause of the public, who clothed the girl in one of her most special nights as a faller.

From the hands of her predecessor, Rosa Pastor, Cristina received the band of fallera mayor. A band that climbed up to the stage Azahara Morera, who was the biggest faller of the flaw in the year in which Cristina held the position of senior child faller.

Rosa Pastor said goodbye, in his name and in the name of its president, Vicent Montaner, in what was his last official act as faller major of the 2018 West, wishing the best of luck to Cristina and Jose this year.

With emotion to the surface, both Cristina and Jose received the golden badge of the failure of the hands of the president of the Falla Oeste cultural association, Javier Tadeo Senén. After him, Cristina received the signs of affection from Martina and Rafa, their child charges; the Comissió de Festes de la Mare de Deu; the party councilor, Óscar Mengual; and the greater faller of Dénia, Amparo Petrie.

When the most anticipated moment arrived, Cristina discovered that her exaltation would be in charge of her sister Laura. The two, visibly moved, looked at each other in complicity during the words of Laura, who could not hide her pride at seeing her sister as the maximum representative of the West fault.

Finally it was Cristina who took the floor. Microphone in hand, the 2019 major faller of the West listed all the people who are sharing with her this year, with special mention to her family members and the charges that accompany her, which are already part of her family fallera.

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