CFS Mar Dénia wins in front of their fans in the last game of the season at home

May 23 from 2022 - 09: 44

With the homework done and once the permanence in the Third Division was assured, Mar Dénia faced the penultimate day of competition and the last game at home with the desire to offer a victory to their fans.

The game began with a lot of rhythm and in minute 3 a good run by Rober down the wing put the ball on the goal line and caused the visiting defender, in his attempt to clear, to score on his own goal, making it 1-0. marker. Both teams launched into the attack and without a clear dominator, the chances came in both goals, turning at times into a true runner.

In minute 10 after an outside shot it was 1-1 and a minute later another shot on the edge of the area meant 1-2. The lack of forcefulness in defense hindered the Dianense team that saw how the 14-1 arrived in the 3th minute, a goal quickly answered because in the next play Rober scored the 2-3 but a new defensive error meant the 2-4 in the minute 16.

Both teams continued focused on the rival goal and in the 18th minute, Rober once again scored the 3-4 that closed the gap but once again the visiting team responded in the next play with an outside shot that meant the 3-5. There were 2 minutes remaining for the break and the fans were incredulous at the situation of the game and even more so when in the last minute Rober first made it 4-5 and on the horn Jordi made it 5-5 with which they reached the break.

The second part was different and CFS Mar Dénia jumped onto the track calmer in search of control of the ball. The pace of the match was still very high but David Jaen's players managed to keep the ball causing great physical wear on the opponent. In the 23rd minute, after a good combination, Rober put the Dianenses ahead, making it 6-5 on the scoreboard.

Torrevieja continued to exert strong pressure all over the court and in the 26th minute after a steal of the ball they obtained their fruit, scoring 6-6. The last quarter of the game was entered with equality on the scoreboard. In the 31st minute after a steal, Josep and Isaac launched a quick counterattack that the latter made it 7-6. Again the Mar Dénia was ahead on the scoreboard encouraged by a hobby that was beginning to enjoy the show. With five minutes to go, the visiting coach put the goalkeeper player on the court looking for
of the comeback, but a minute later after a turnover, Rober scored with a precise shot from his field to make it 8-6. The visitors continued to play 5, but Mar Dénia with a well-ordered defense, managed time and time again to stop the visitors' attacks. With one minute to go, Rober scored another goal again, closing a spectacular personal evening with 6 goals and making the score 9-6 with which the game ended.

Next week the Dianense team will travel to the town of San Vicente, where with nothing at stake already, they will face the last day of this season against the local team Hércules San Vicente, on Saturday 28/05/2022 at 18:00 p.m. hours.

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