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The CD. Dénia defeated the CD. Chella and still fighting for the promotion of ascent

13 2015 April - 00: 00

El CD. Dénia He won by 3 1 to the CD. Chella in the party contesting the Field Diego Mena and still immersed in their struggle to be among the teams playing promote promotion.

Fight in midfield to control the ball

On a very cold atmosphere as one of the poorest season tickets a meeting where one of the novelties was the presence of goalkeeper Murillo Dianense the sticks of whole juice was recorded.

The home team struggled a little get into a rhythm party and the minute 15 a blunder of Murillo, who handed the ball to an opponent inside his own area meant both Chella, by leveraging Muñoz gift goalkeeper Dianense . This left both the dianenses touched for ten minutes.

Mono waiting for the ball

Then the team took mental strength and good work by Josep band began to create danger on the goal. Josep 32 the minute header at the far post a corner kick Angel, scoring the equalizer. At that time the only team on the field was the Dianense.

The prize for the best game for the locals came in time of prolongation of the first time, by marking Angel the 2 to 1. Something that was fundamental to reassure the game of the men he leads Fernando Maestre.

In the second half, the CD. Dénia had the match controlled, even after Cardona's expulsion in the 54 minute. Chella proved to be a very weak team and did not disturb Dénia's goal. The ruling came in the 90 minute when Mono took advantage of an error by the visiting defense to score the 3 to 1.

After this time Maestre team in fourth place with 51 4 points of third-placed points is the parts Colón, all before the local derby to be held next Sunday in the municipal soccer field Jávea.

Eleven of Dénia to the Chella


CD. Dénia: Murillo, Cardona, Álex, Ferrán, Paco (Ayoce 81´), Gervasio, Ángel, Josep (Elias 77´), Mono, Souhe (Giménez 57´) and Panucci (Enrique 89´).

CD. Chella; Columbo (Maki60'), Angel Borja (80' Barn), Rock (Victor 65'), Feo, Chulia, Carlos, Evaristo Muñoz, Quique and Joshua (Denis 74').

goals: 0-1 Muñoz, Mto. 15, 1-1 Josep, Mto. 32, 2-1 Angel Mto. 46 and 3-1 Mono, Mto. 89.

Referee: Alcolea Castillo, showed yellow cardstock to local, Murillo, Ferrán and Souhé and expelled with a straight red to Cardona 54 in minutes. For visitors they saw yellow, Carlos Munoz, Quique and Joshua.

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