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The CD. Dénia can not fail before the Massanassa

28 March 2015 - 00: 00

El CD. Dénia plays Sunday at 16: 30 hours in the Field Diego Mena Massanassa CF before, this meeting will be led by the referee, Escobar González. The dianenses in the debut match of the technical, Fernando MaestreThey can not fail to bottom club group.

Front Monkey CD, Dénia

Maestre has trained two weeks a team so you have greater knowledge of their players. Now you have to translate the rectangle playing a different system to which he has seen the team in recent weeks. The dynamics of the game was not good and it cost him the job to Jesús Moratal.

The things are very even in the high zone of the classification with several teams that still have possibilities of entering the positions of promotion of ascent. Dianenses have the opportunity to return to them, but as long as they are able to win all the games they have to play at home. Therefore, this is the first of the finals that await the team.

In purely sporting terms everything is unknown because with the new coach is not known starting eleven take out. Safe low for this clash are Faye, an honest player who has clearly said he can not play for his problem pubis.

On the other hand, Michael, who has disappeared from training and from the club, officially, has been informed that the reasons are unknown. The player is warned that he will not be released. The fact of having now such a short staff requires the club to find players to incorporate them for the next matches.

From the club itself to the fans to be with the team not to lose hope and to continue to rely on this template because there is nothing lost and minds of all is the power to classify the team for the promotion of ascent is requested .

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  1. bubaca says:

    let directive !!!!!!
    and reinforcements !!!!!!
    They do not see those who bet to go up, they do not stop signing !!!
    another year in regional and will not go nor Tato and forget that next partners renew their license year.

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