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CD Dénia authority thumped winning EU 0 to 1 Gandia

November 30 from 2015 - 08: 29

Somewhat Borja Martínez served the CD Dénia to beat Guillermo Olagüe in Gandia to a rival who was second in 0 to 1 classification.

The match was very level in terms of play, more like a game of chess with two rivals castled in their own areas than a football game. With the passage of minutes the two teams went stretching and lost the defensive stiffness with which they had started.

The clearest chance was for gandiense Ximo Enguix set that directs a ball sent by Palau that crashed into the crossbar of the goal defended by Maxi. The team of Juan Carlos Signes He sent on the pitch before a local group that sought to surprise playing against.

With the score from zero to zero it came to rest but with the feeling that something was going to happen in the second period.

Borja goalscorer in Gandia

A second half where were the locals who had more possession of the ball before a CD Dénia who knew very well cover spaces and this caused the shortcomings of a rival they saw that it costs a lot to play when he has to take the initiative.

77 minute was when the team launched a lateral groguet foul Borja Martínez took advantage to score the only goal of the match. With the score against the home team they went to a desperate attack. More with the heart than with the head, the team of La Safor lacked ideas to overcome the great Dianense defense.

Signes men proved to be the fewest group is not the result of chance but a great job on that parcel of the game. CD Dénia proved once again that if it gets ahead on the scoreboard is a team that is very difficult to beat.

It came at the end of the meeting with 0 1 and to three points in the team locker Marina Alta placed second in the standings one point behind leader Tavernes EU.


EU GandiaToni Peiró, Micher, Jordi, Hugo, Mengu, Izan (Álex Bertó, 68 '), Diego (Juárez, 56'), Palau, Manolo Martín, Turbi (Edward, 81 '), Raúl Muñoz.

CD Dénia: Maxi, Álex Gayá (Sito, 27 '), Cardona, Carlos Ribes, Gervasio, Panucci, Josep (Pinxo, 74’), Alberto, Miguel, Renzo (Céspedes, 89’), Borja.

goals: 0-1 Borja (77 ')

Referee: Salorio Jiménez. He admonished Raúl Muñoz and the visitor Borja.

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