Education calls for scholarships for school canteens of the 2019 / 2020 course

14 June 2019 - 12: 13

La Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports posted at Diari Ofiial of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV) the resolution by which the school canteen scholarships are summoned in schools supported by public funds for the school year 2019-2020. Education will allocate a total of 72.740.000 euros for the next school year, that is, close to 1 million euros more than the 2018-2019 course.

It should be remembered that the budget for the dining scholarships has been increasing since the course 2015-2016, in which the budget was set at 52 million euros. In the 2016-2017 course, the 63,9 reached millions of euros. In the 2017-2018 course, millions of euros were increased up to the 68. The course 2018-2019 were allocated 71 million euros and now it is increased to reach more than 72 million euros for the next school year.

During this time, the increase of beneficiary students has gone from the 95.000 of 2015-2016 to the 127.000 children benefiting from the current school year.

As the main novelty for the next course, families that have access to Family Web You can access this computer application to view and download your draft application for help, which will include pre-recorded data that is in the possession of the Administration.

How to submit the scholarship application

If the families who complete the procedure agree with the information provided, they must print, sign and submit the draft in the center where they will be enrolled during the 2019-2020 course, without having to present the documentation.

The families that are not users of the Family Web that have received the scholarship last course and that maintain the same conditions will only have to confirm a draft of request with the data that are in the power of the Administration, and that they should request in the center where they are schooled their sons or daughters. In this way, only the draft application must be confirmed from the day following the publication of this call.

Students who did not apply for a scholarship last year must submit both the application and supporting documentation required in the center where they will be enrolled, from the day following the publication of the call in the DOGV and until the end of the registration period If you continue in the same center, or during the registration period in case you change schools.

These grants make it possible to cover during the course 2019-2020 all or part of the cost of the school canteen service for students enrolled in schools supported by public funds.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship

Specifically, scholarships may be applied to students enrolled in levels of second cycle of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education, Special Education or the third level of Early Childhood Education of the centers that participate in the program of incorporation of the educational level from 2 to 3 years in preschools and primary schools owned by the Generalitat.

The resolution establishes the maximum income threshold to apply for the aid that, for a family of four members, is established in 38.831 annual euros, taking into account the income of 2018. It also sets the applicable scale based on the annual per capita available family income, which ranges from the 20 points for a per capita income of a maximum of 393 euros to 1 point for a per capita income of more than 7.467 euros.

The special social and family circumstances of the students will also be valued, for which a maximum of 2 points will be awarded for being students of singular educational action centers; for the unemployment situation of the father or mother or guardians; for refugee status; children of single-parent families and large families; functional diversity of any member of the family equal to or greater than 33%; condition of drug addict, alcoholic or inmate of the father, mother or guardians, and for being an absolute orphan.

With regard to the amount of the aid, the beneficiary students will receive up to 4,25 euros per day in the case of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and ESO; up to 5,44 euros in the case of Special Education students, and up to 12,25 euros for students in home schools.

The direct beneficiary student body

It will be considered a direct beneficiary of the aid and, therefore, will receive the maximum amount, the students of the Valencian inclusion income, as well as the students of the second cycle of Early Childhood Education and that of Primary Education or Compulsory Secondary Education that has been compulsorily enrolled in a center of a municipality different from that of his residence because it does not exist in this educational offer.

The student body will also be directly benefited by students enrolled in specific Special Education centers owned by the Generalitat or in specific Special Education classrooms in ordinary centers owned by the Generalitat, private or publicly-owned companies different from the Generalitat, as well as those they find themselves in a situation of family or residential reception, in the same way as the children of foster families, the sons and daughters of victims of gender violence and the victims of terrorism.

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