5-1 defeat of CFS Mar Dénia and "unfortunate spectacle" by the local board

February 01 from 2021 - 10: 46

Too late to forget what happened on Saturday at the Barcelona maritime pavilion where they faced CFS Mar Dénia in Barceloneta Futsal. From the beginning of it, a tense match was foreshadowed, and more so when verifying that, being a game behind closed doors given the current situation, a large group of fans acceded to it -according to the person in charge, all managers- with the clear objective of intimidating the rival and the referee team, with chants and insults from the first minute.

The game itself had little history. Mar Dénia did not find his game at any time and in minute 5 it was 1-0 after a strong outside shot. They managed to have possession of the ball but the lack of depth punished the Dianenses, who saw how in the 10th minute it was 2-0.

The locals, with high pressure and fast counterattacks, created better chances. In the 15th minute, after a new counter, it was 3-0. The pressure took hold of the Dianenses players and two minutes later came the fourth and the fifth goal with which the first half ended.

Key moment of the game, given that after the tension and the different scuffles experienced in the first half, "We watched astonished how when the players retired to the locker rooms, a group of supporters led by the president jumped onto the court, with little sporting intentions", they point from the Dianense club.

There were very tense moments, which culminated in the decision by the Mar Dénia board of directors to communicate to the referees the decision not to continue with the game if the security forces did not attend. Security forces, let it be said, that they made the Solomonic decision to expel from the pavilion all those who were not players or referee pairs and that in reality they found the three Dianenses directors who accompany the team on the movements in the street, without being able to witness or report on what was happening and the local group, through different sections of the sports hall, watching the game.

Little can be said about the second part. Mar Dénia came out with a goalkeeper player from the beginning and had several occasions, but only scored in the 38th minute the 5-1 with which the game ended.

Back home and now it's time to turn the page and prepare the next game that will take place on Saturday at 18.00:XNUMX p.m. at the Dénia Municipal Sports Center, where Mar Dénia will receive the Futsal Lleida team.

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