They denounce several door-to-door scams in Dénia by false electricity workers

January 13 from 2021 - 14: 56

In recent weeks there have been a series of scams in the Marina Alta region in which the perpetrators deceive elderly people into providing them with their bank details and using them to steal money from their accounts.

It is an increasingly common crime with which victims are always much more exposed and sensitive to this type of scam. Although they usually occur over the phone, now there are several cases in Dénia in which criminals go door to door posing as operators of electricity, water or gas companies, sometimes even wearing a uniform, with the false pretext of having detected an error in the counters or in the supply, they ask them to provide them with the bank details or leave the credit card, photographing it in the same place.

Once they have obtained the data they were looking for, they go to the nearest ATM and there they extract with great ease everything that the bank allows them. The modus operandi unfolds so quickly that victims do not have time to block the card before the scammer uses it.

According to the Dénia National Police, this scam is becoming more common in the municipality, with cases practically every week, the last one this morning. Therefore, they ask citizens not to trust if one of these events occurs in which an operator appears directly at home or calls by phone without following the usual routes where the identity of the company or worker is well indicated.

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