Dénia already has its Major Falleras for 2023-2024

May 06 from 2023 - 20: 11

Our Fallas de Dénia already have new Falleras Mayores. During the night of Saturday, after the vote, those who will be the successors of Aida Gavilà and Noa Dacosta during the 2023-2024 financial year have been chosen.

The exciting call from the mayor has taken place at 20:00. The most anticipated for several candidates who were waiting by the phone at that time.

Finally, two have been taken down, revealing that the next Fallera Mayor Infantil will be Candela Marco Jiménez, from the Baix la Mar fails, and Mar Moncho Roselló, also from Baix la Mar, will be the Fallera Mayor of Dénia.

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  1. Luis says:

    An article on dresses would be interesting. How much do they cost and where do families get the money to pay for them, taking into account the low standard of living that exists here.