Dénia will have the pump track so demanded by CLIA teenagers

November 11 from 2022 - 11: 00

The Department of Sports presented last Wednesday the project of a pumptrack park in the Governing Board for its approval. The idea, proposed by the members of the Council for Children and Adolescents (CLIA), will materialize in sector C1 -in front of IES Sorts de Mar, between Hiades, Pleiades and Castor streets- and consists of a circuit for BMX bicycles , skateboards and inline skates.

The work, already put out to tender, seeks to build an uneven terrain - curves, ups and downs - that mimics the environment of mountain biking. That is to say, the track will consist of a series of routes with different levels of difficulty in which it will be possible to circulate with the aforementioned means.

This will be an area of ​​"intense skating" of more than 410 square meters. The space will join the skatepark that already exists in the same location. The adaptation of the terrain and the signage has an execution budget of 90.000 euros and the works will have a maximum execution period of three and a half months.

  1. mercedesnavio says:

    Well if only those options occur to you…

  2. Mercedes ship says:

    Trees must not be cut down. In addition, that area is going to be congested by the urbanizations that already exist and those that are being built, the schools and shopping centers with the majority of young people with small children, so the streets and intersections would be a real danger. They can improve what is there and leave the trees as they are. I hope you think about it.

    • DP says:

      Mercedes, don't complain, if they put an area of ​​pubs or discos we're going to cry hard. I see it well that the kids are entertained with sports and do not reclassify that land to continue urbanizing.

    • Rodrigo Martin ridao parra says:

      They have no idea what they are doing that is a botch because they don't know first and look at the ondara one that is a puntrac