Dénia reopens the athletics track with new anti-COVID regulations

14 September 2020 - 12: 53

As of this afternoon, the municipal athletics track will be reopened to the public. The entrance will be through the door of the Sports Center. For security reasons, access and stay in the stands is prohibited.

To make use of it, you must follow, among others, the following rules:

- The use of the students of the Municipal School of Athletics has priority
- Only accessible with athletic shoes or athletic spikes
- Calle 8 is reserved for non-professional users
- Restricted the use of street 1

  1. Franc Beneyto says:

    The strongest thing is that the janitors of the sports center have found out about this "reopening" by reading this news and not because they have been told anything directly from the town hall itself ...
    Is there a sports department or is it a mere troupe?
    As always in Denia, sport is pure brass band for politicians, whatever the color. I have not yet met in Denia a sports councilor who has been worth it NONE !! And I have been linked to athletics in Denia for more than 30 years.

    Have politicians with whom we have spent our lives practicing and teaching athletics to our citizens talked? Imagine the answer ... If they don't talk to the concierges who are the ones at the foot of the track watching over our facilities, they will stop to talk to us ...

    When I asked the concierge who was yesterday afternoon at the sports center for the rules of use, schedules, the track…. He replied “Franc, I found out about this reopening because the Dianium coach told me. I have asked our manager and he has asked the councilor What do we do? The councilor's response was: you open the door and au !! "


    • Juan gilabert says:

      Sorry Frank and your behavior very pathetic. Putting the workers of the sports center in the middle in your political persecutions has no name. I read this news after a few hours of a conversation with you this afternoon. And yes, now I do have it in mind. You have no idea of ​​the interpretations that can be made of your words. Unfortunately Frank and much.

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