Dénia awaits the torch of the Olympic Mini Jocs to pay her all the honors

May 15 from 2019 - 00: 09

The Dianense sport awaits the torch of the Olympic Mini Jocs to render all the honors to the purifying symbol of fire.

The youngest dianenses sportsmen are prepared, and from the council of sports the final details are finalized to receive the fire that will serve to ignite the cauldron that will preside over the three days of competition in the Dénia sports center.

This torch, which came from Calp and has traveled through each of the participating municipalities, will arrive today at the Marina Alta capital at 17: 30 in the Torrecremada area. From there, you will visit some of the streets of the municipality until you reach the Plaça del Consell, where you will be received by the authorities.

The route of the torch is as follows: Torrecremada, Patricio Ferrandiz, Archduke Carlos Square, Patricio Ferrandiz, Diana, Marqués de Campo, Sant Telm Temple, La Mar and Plaça del Consell.

The sportsmen who will carry the torch as a relay will be Carlos Bañuls, and Víctor Manuel Zranchivi, (Adapted Sport), Nina Moreno (Athletics), Indira Martí (Basketball), María Gil (Riding), David Gasparyan (Soccer), Manuel Catalan (Futsal), Paula Moreno (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Javier Bolufer (Handball), Laura Santana and Martina Rosado (Swimming), Andre Ivars (Pádel), Laura Rodríguez (Skating), Joan Josep Burgos (Pilota), Lucía Hernández (Rugby ), Marc Devesa (Tennis), Pau Domingues (Triathlon), Naia Vidal and Daniela Valera and Lucas Catalá (Psychomotricity).

Once the torch is on the ground floor of the town hall, the welcome manifesto will be read. XIII Olympic Mini Jocs of the Marina Alta.

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