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Denia to Gandía Bus

24 2013 April - 11: 41

Denia and Gandia are two important towns of the Marina Alta and safor respectively, separated by only 40 kilometers. Although the distance is almost negligible, today there is no possibility of moving from one to another by train, one of the historical claims of both counties by line utility for thousands of users who daily take advantage of infrastructure.

But even today there is no possibility of going from one city to another by train, yes there are many possibilities of moving from one to another by bus, only public means currently being undertaken that journey. Currently the company offering a variety of schedules and routes for this journey is the company ALSA buses, national company that has in Dénia one of its neuralgic points and allows users to move from the capital of the Marina Alta to endless destinations, both domestic and international.

Dénia bus station is located in the Archduke Carlos Square, although for many years, and given the large influx of buses that are there at all times, it is more popularly known as "Plaza de los Autobuses". The Archduke Carlos Square is located at the entrance of the city, and has its access from the naconal road and the entrance of the AP7 payment highway by the Alicante Avenue of Dénia.

During each weekday bus company Alsa has scheduled six outputs from Denia to Gandia. The journey takes approximately 55 minutes and makes stops in Ondara, El Vergel, Oliva, and Gandia Bellreguart. The price of a single ticket is as at April 25 2013, 3,35 € of, while the fare round trip is set at 6,35 euros.

Times during weekdays bus departure from Dénia are 8: 15; 10: 25; 13: 05; 14: 50; 16: 30 20 and: 05.

During the weekend the company offering the same number of paths, but at different times. and on Saturdays and Sundays, ALSA buses offer from Denia to Gandia at 8: 50; 9: 55; 12: 30; 14: 05; 17: 55 20 and: 25.

This is the bus continues its journey to Valencia, sometimes motorway and other stops at different locations in the province.

To the contrary way, from Gandia to Denia, ALSA offers on its website a total of eight different times throughout the day on weekdays. from 7 am, time in which part the first bus from Gandia bound Dénia, until 22: 35 hours, schedule last journey, ALSA offers trips ranging from 45 minutes 1 hour and 5 minute between the two cities.

The price of most of the journeys is, like the opposite route, of 3,35 euros, although the first bus of the day and the last, when making the journey directly, by motorway and without stopping in the municipalities that crosses , increases its price to 3,40 euros.

Over the weekend, the bus company ALSA offers a total d nine trips to go from the capital of the region of the Safor to the capital of the Marina Alta for the same price as weekday and a wide variety of schedules.

Tickets for both paths can be purchased through the website of the company ALSA, alsa.es, In advance with a cost of EUR 1,03 management. But there is also the possibility of purchasing the ticket for both journeys in the respective bus stations Denia and Gandia until a few minutes before the start of it, provided there are places available.

  1. angeles says:

    Hi good morning I need to know if all the buses from Gandia to Denia stop everyone in the station Denia is ke read k some go to the hospital in Denia but I wonder if after the hospital or prior to the bus station is you kes the first once k will denia bus thanks

  2. Protection says:

    Buses that make this route are the worst company vehicles: one would say that lack of buffers. If you do join the inability of drivers and their haste, it is full of jumps and swings trip.

    Moreover, the space for each passenger is so small you can barely move, supporting at all times the touch of the person in the next seat.

    Heating in winter and air conditioning in summer are, it seems, impossible to regulate, with the result that either you get dizzy from the heat in full Christmas, or sick cold if you do not wear a jacket in the month of August.

    The precarious cleaning cars or how bad it smells inside, I'd rather not talk.

    But I will place special emphasis on an added discomfort: radio, which is running at all times and it is very annoying, preventing its volume so passengers can enjoy the music of their liking they carry in their own players.

    In short, more like cattle than people Third transport.

  3. Alejandro says:

    The situation is distressing lines bus transport as there trajectos boat arriving after the last exit of coaches and therefore makes it painful relationship of a means of transport to another. Denia still coming in boats and many of the people have to go out in some way and not all travelers have a car or boat can afford a taxi.

    • marili buch says:

      Denia it has no name. voices are heard ... that will move the station to ondara Denia !!!! Yes, Denia is qualified as a city and village ondara ... just missing 30 km. Of railway line to reach gandia, it is disgraceful, but of course !!! .. !! If you put the train is just the gravy train to ALSA.

      • isenheim says:

        ha ha ha ha ha ha if the train does not come to Denia is not ALSA is because it costs a pretty penny and so far no money.

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