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Cristina López de San Román: “Women's SUP is a sport that is booming”

12 July 2020 - 08: 18

In this new article on Stand Up Paddle, SUP or Paddle Surf, we are going to meet one of the most powerful athletes in the national competition, Cristina López de San Román, resident in Jesús Pobre and rider of the local Leclercq SUP Team.

Question: Hi Cristina, you have always been linked to the world of sports, tell us a little

Respuesta: I am from a very sporty family, where sport is just as important as eating, a healthy mind in a healthy body! I come from figure skating, canoeing and athletics, sports that have taught me a lot: discipline, perseverance, and having a good physical background.

Q: Focusing on SUP, when and how did you start in this sport?

R: Five years ago, just turning forty, I started with my friend Rocío doing small trips and technique classes with Telmo Irigoyen, who has taught us everything we know about the sea. Today he is my coach and thanks to him, for his motivation and perseverance, I started in SUP competitions. This last year we have trained for the Spanish Championship obtaining very good results, I have also evolved a lot learning to sail in very different conditions.

Q: What would you highlight about the practice of Stand Up Paddle?

R: The feeling of freedom. Being able to do it in a natural environment, where each day is different because you depend on the sea conditions. Every day is an adventure, no day is the same as another.

Q: Do you think it is a sport suitable for the majority of the public? And for women in particular, how is female SUP in Spain?

R: It is a sport that I would recommend to everyone, it is very complete, you exercise almost all muscles, it releases stress and the views while you practice it are spectacular, the vastness of the sea is wonderful.

Female SUP is a sport that is booming, in the initiation categories you can see more women than men practicing this sport, in competitions there is a very good atmosphere, a healthy and happy atmosphere.

Q: There are those who think that it is a calm and summer sport, is that so?

R: It is a sport that in the Mediterranean you can practice throughout the year, I personally recommend practicing it also in winter, we have less maritime traffic, and the Mediterranean Sea in Dénia and Jávea It has many spectacular coves and beaches that should not be missed.

Q: There are several modalities of Stand Up Paddle: ride, waves, yoga, speed ... what is yours?

R: I enjoy long distances, taking waves is also a lot of fun, where you exercise reading from the sea.

Q: We know that you like to compete, tell us a little about women's competition in Spain

R: The Spanish female SUP, is in the world top, we have Esperanza Barreras who has become the World Champion in 2019, we also have high-level athletes such as Susan Molinero and Laura Quetlas, and a large pool of young promises. It is amazing when you are in a competition with them, they transmit a great passion and love for the sea.

Q: From here we congratulate you on your sporting achievements. To finish, what would you say to those who are thinking about getting started?

R: The most important thing is to receive good technical classes and basic knowledge of the sea and how to react to changes safely. That they are not in a hurry to buy material, and that they are advised by experts, inappropriate material can lead to a bad experience, and they will enjoy the sea!

Q: Would you like to add something else?

R: The sea cures almost everything, we all have to promote love and respect for the sea and nature for a more sustainable world. A hug to everyone from the sea.

Thank you very much Cris, see you in the water!

Text: Dénia Surf Club
Photos: James Van Drunen

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