Compromís presents a motion to recognize and support the Valencian agri-food sector

23 September 2020 - 15: 00

Compromís per Dénia has presented a motion, for debate and approval in the next plenary session, of recognition and support to the entire Valencian agri-food sector, urging the Spanish government to defend Europe the interests of the Valencian countryside, and with measures to be applied in both national and community levels.

In the motion, it is considered that COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of having a living agricultural sector. Eva Round, Councilor for Compromís, has pointed out that "We have to value and recognize the Valencian agricultural worker the dignity he deserves in justice, and make evident our clear will to help and collaboration from all the institutions in which we are present".

In this sense, the mayor has added that "Despite having been the third autonomous community in 2019 in the ranking of exports of agri-food products, there have been disastrous campaigns (such as the orange one) and Free Trade Agreements of the EU and third countries that threaten the profitability of Valencian agricultural productions ”.

For this reason, among the agreements of the motion, Compromís proposes the arbitration of the institutions to enforce a fairer remuneration system for agricultural holdings, as well as asking the Spanish Parliament to approve a complaint against the free trade agreements that go against our agriculture. We must remember the Treaty in Southern Africa, with which the Valencians suffer the unfair competition of South Africa against the Valencian citrus industry; the most recent treaty with Vietnam to introduce tariff-free rice into the EU, "Which is a millenary crop rooted in our identity"; the agreement with MERCOSUR, allowing the entry of meats and citrus juices; or that of the PEC (Common Agricultural Policy), which maintains a distribution of aid for the benefit of large producers in an extensive model "Typical of an agriculture that has nothing to do with ours."

On the other hand, the motion urges the Spanish Government and MEPs to defend a series of measures "In the face of unfair competition from imports from other countries", such as the prohibition of entry into European territory of products treated with pesticides and fungicides, once again requesting rigorous inspection in ports, and the closure of borders to countries that do not guarantee complete plant health in their exports. In addition, it is proposed to establish levies for imports from those countries with fiscal dumping and that pollute the environment, demand the traceability and labeling of all imported products, and establish compensation mechanisms for farmers affected by the current treaties.

Lastly, the Government and the Conselleria are requested to make changes in the competition regulations to allow decent prices to the farmer; more budget for pest control and crisis management; aid plans for the modernization of farms / industries, and carry out studies and aid for the work that the agricultural sector
performs in the preservation of the environment.

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