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Color and joy in the presentation of María Jesús Pastor in front of the West

January 28 from 2020 - 14: 18

Friday, January 24, was the day chosen by the commission of the Falla West to present María Jesús Pastor as Fallera Mayor 2020 of the Falla Oeste, accompanied by Álex Salmerón as President 2020.

The balance was the thread of the night. "Because balance and harmony have to go hand in hand for everything to work. The balance of life, but also of the party. Of the party of Fallas. Produce, enjoy and share, three key concepts to achieve the balance we discovered on this special night. "

The act was conducted by the falcons Inma Pastor and Laura Rubio, beginning with the entry of Alex, where his friend Toni handed him the President's staff. He then dedicated a few words and then it was the turn of the numerous court of honor that will accompany the Fallera Mayor. The stage was filled with color and joy to reach one of the great moments of the night, the perfect balance with the departure of María Jesús, maximum representative of his commission this 2020.

In addition, on such a special night there was the presence of the highest representatives of the sister fault, the Plaza Prado de Gandia Falla.

Once the band was imposed by the 2019 charges, the emotion took hold of the night, since Paula Molina and Cecilia Pastor, friends of Maria Jesus, were in charge of making the exaltation that excited and much to the Fallera Mayor.

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