Clínica Podológica Estévez gives us some recommendations on how to make the change to sandals in summer

27 June 2018 - 12: 42

When the summer season arrives, we premiere the beautiful, but sometimes uncomfortable, sandals. In Clinical Podiatric Estévez give us some advice to deal with this change of closed shoe to an open footwear.

1 Make a progressive change to the new sandals, we will avoid chafing.

2- Bear in mind that the foot can swell and sweat more in summer, so it is essential to choose well the shoe we will wear during this season.

3 Choose a shoe made with quality materials that allow perspiration and avoid chafing.

4 If we release the shoe, do not wear them for a long time, but go progressively.

5 Using the shoe of last season, could cause us to walk badly, if it does not meet an unstable sole.

6 Do not buy excessively tight sandals because they could make our circulation not correct.

And as always, recommends going to a specialist, to prevent or treat a problem caused by an inappropriate shoe or sandal. Do not hesitate and for further inquiries, contact the Podiatric Clinic Estévez on the 617 466 747 phone.

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