Podiatric Clinic Estévez warns about the emotions that affect our postural health

February 15 from 2018 - 12: 49

Do you feel cramped, depressed? Do you notice that stress affects your back? Well you may be right and your feelings affect your back and your posture.

En Clinical Podiatric Estévez They want to talk about how important emotions are for our posture and back health. In the clinic they are specialists in posturology, dealing with functional problems of stability and posture through the foot and with templates.

At Clinica Podologica Estevez they emphasize that our position reveals a lot about our state of mind and how we feel. The clearest example occurs when we are angry and denote a more challenging stance, such as the stooped spine. However, when we are happy and satisfied we walk more erect. And the same thing happens the other way around, if we present a more stooped posture our mind will think more negatively, than if we go more upright and denote more positive feelings.


Our emotions and our body have to be linked in the same thread to correct postures and negative thoughts. Exercise is always a great ally to alleviate this, but also contact with professionals, such as podiatrists. Since most postural problems have to do with the feet.

Our feet are the basis of the body and therefore, we must resort to specialists to analyze our position, walking and our footprint. This can be the key to all our back problems and ailments.

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