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Five denounced from other provinces surprised in Dénia

May 31 from 2020 - 12: 28

Travel between provinces is not yet allowed, and this will continue for the time being until the new normal. As much as this has been repeatedly reported, there are still cases of people who say they are not aware of it. This, of course, does not exempt them from paying the penalty for breaking the decree of alarm.

During this weekend the sanctions have been increased to people from other provinces and autonomous communities surprised in Dénia and without these justifying their presence in our department, having arrived after the declaration of the state of alarm.

Yesterday, again, the Local Police opened up to 5 reports of complaint for this same reason to 5 people from outside the province who had decided, without just cause, to come to Dénia.

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  1. Crawford says:

    As a senior, I don't understand the two time periods allowed for older people. Everyone, their children and their dogs seem to be walking in these periods. Are these the only times we are allowed to walk? Or can we walk at other times? The period from 10.00:12.00 to 07.00:11.00 is too hot now. I would like to go at 70 and return before XNUMX. Is this possible for an older person? After XNUMX, we are not all in wheelchairs.

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