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párkinson briefings on the? Fundació Ferrer GAVILA

Event Date: 17 of February 2015
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : Fundació Gavilà Ferrer
Opening times: 19 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished

Next Tuesday 17 in February, the Fundació Gavilà Ferrer will host a series of informative talks about Parkinson's disease.

Dr. Juan Salas, Head of the Neurological and Neurophysiological Unit of the Marina Health Hospital; Mª Ángeles Martín Ballester, nutritionist dietitian, who will talk about food and nutrition in Parkinson's patients; the logopeda Francisco Cejudo, who will try "Relaxation in spoken expression"; and the psychologist and coordinator of the talk, Mª Isabel Palú Sánchez-Migallón.

Conferences will begin at 19 hours and entrance is free.


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