Good day for the Padel teams of the Dénia Tennis Club

November 28 from 2018 - 05: 59

The Padel teams representative of the Dénia Tennis Club They had a good day since they got away with their commitments.

The women's team beat the Paris 24 team Xàbia, by 3 to 0. The Dianense team played at a great level demonstrating the superiority in the three games played.

Cati Roselló and Marisa Montagut won Deborah White and Joelle Creemers, 6 / 0 and 6 / 2, Mely Kearley and Marta Alvarez beat Sylvia Van der Bos and Tammy de Boer by 6 / 1 and 6 / 2 and Marisa Díaz and Almudena Millán won Gina Gatole-King and Lesley Tregunno, for 6 / 1 and 6 / 3.

While the men's team that plays in 1ª division beat Club Pádel Oliva by 2 to 1.
The pair formed by Manuel Sala and Javier Serer won Javier Menendez and Paco Llorca, 6 / 1 and 6 / 1, Luis Mascarell and Javier Martinez won Guillermo Ponzodo and Alberto Parra, for, 6 / 3 and 6 / 3 and Tico Devesa and Francisco Vte. Garcia fell to Raúl Aguilar and Felipe Garrido, for 1 / 6 and 1 / 6.

Padel Regional League in Dénia

This Sunday the 1ª day of the Padel Regional League was held at the Dénia Tennis Club facilities. There was a great atmosphere and the children enjoyed the meetings scheduled for the first day.

The champions and finalists of the different categories were:

Prebenjamin mixed
finalists: Aitana Moyano / Julia Ortolá
Champions: Unai Rovira / Oscar Moncho

Benjamin mixed
Finalist: Agustín Esteve / Javier Caselles
Champions: Guillermo Moyano / Vicent Quinto

Male Alevin
Finalist: I.Bartorelli / A.Moncho
Champions: X.Pascual / M.Segarra

Youngsters female
Finalist: Lucia Pastor / Elena Torrens
Champions: Neus Rosello / Sara Soria

male child
Finalist: Hugo Bonilla / Raul Sombrero
Champions: Marcos Sanchez / Sergi Denia

female child
Finalist: Clara Serra / India Bordehore
Champions: Irene Soler / Claudis Nilke

male cadet
Finalist: V.Berenguer / R.Mata
Champions: M.Sala / O.Nilke

female cadet
Finalist: Marina Iborra / Lucia Ferri
Champions: Carmen Soler / Lucia Montes

Junior male
Finalist: Pau Grimalt / Hugo Julia
Champions: Jose Buigues / Adrian Carrio

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