Brigade DD: Twelve years without barrendero

25 July 2013 - 00: 05

Dénia boasts of seeking a quality tourism, promotes large events to promote trade in the center of the city, but then forgets other equally centric places that present a sorry state. Adriana sends us this message, outraged by the situation that exists in the street of her business, Calderón Street:

Estamos en la Calle Calderon, behind the pharmacy Ferreres, next to the Red Cross, the Social Center of the Tourist Office, come on, a busy street of Denia by tourists.

This street gives ASCO, pissing and pooping * of dogs, accumulated dirt from traffic, people throwing cigarette butts, papers, ice cream wrappers ... NOT A PAPER, to finish off is the facade of the building at the end of Marqués de Campo , that one that makes corner, that so done dust that all the tourists see ... that one day it will kill somebody because it filters water when it rains and pieces of the facade fall down ... It is only necessary to happen through the street to realize of what you bet.

Facades full of graffiti on the street Calderon

We have our small family business since May 2001, a paying municipal taxes religiously, and we have not seen a street sweeper 12 years in business. Sorry, I exaggerate: One day we saw that there was no car parked and was the limpiacalles cart, giving awareness, we were very happy. When finished cleaning, we parked the bus VOLVO OCEAN RACE throughout our window. Oh! What a surprise! Well, we thought that at least attract people there.

But the street gives so much pain that even with those they stayed after the council command them someone to clean their street as if a private service is involved, changed location and placed in front of La Caixa, in the beautiful piece and cobblestones.

Street Calderon de Dénia

The next time I saw someone going green and no fining, was the day of the first entry of bulls parties Denia 2013. I felt like kissing the street sweeper, but then said it was exceptional service, and took away all desire.

Nobody listens to my messages, or read my emails at City Hall, I hope someone reads this and displaying at least a certain street Calderon. I do not know which famous Calderon dedicated it, but surely he had mania.

Condition of sidewalks in the street Calderon Dénia

  1. Mercedes says:

    Hello Adriana, I completely agree with you. Many months ago, it was published that in the uninhabited building they were going to make a Hotel and a Restaurant. But of course, like everything you have to have friends at the City Council, because if you do NOT DO ANYTHING. Calderón Street has been sad for a long time, due to the carelessness of the City Council. When tourists arrive, they will think that in this City we like to live in dirt. I hope you have luck and yes you need help, you say it.

  2. Claudia says:

    Like the other comments and according to the blog, it should be required that such a central street Calderon as the street behind the street field is always that way.
    The other day I passed there at parties in Denia and was accompanied by some friends from Madrid, who were amazed at how that street was like this. That same day I happened again and it was that I had to cover my mouth and nose, not breathe, how bad the garbage containers smelled and that they were closed, but of course the garbage was accumulating around Denia parties! That at least it is required that even for certain days, the streets of Denia are respectable. As we well know, Denia is a very touristy place and I don't see any logic that central or less central streets are in those conditions, as there are areas of Denia that are ashamed to go with visitors. But as it happens in Denia, it happens on all sides of the world, that non-tourist and somehow "ugly" sites are not taken care of the same or are not taken care of, directly like tourist sites, it is not logical.

  3. The angel of destruction says:

    The truth is that this street is always a shame. Adriana is absolutely right in the world.
    In Denia, not just on this street, missing bins, cleaning and social awareness. If you put paper, to serve something if sweepers clean the streets, try to keep them clean. collect the droppings of their dogs. Because the street is the house of all, nobody likes to have a dirty house and live among shit. I hope you listen, Adriana !!!! And if not, we start to collect signatures !!!! A hug!

  4. Mª Carmen says:

    I completely agree with Adriana's comment and with her outrage. It is shameful that a street so central and with so much traffic is so abandoned. Dirt on the sidewalks, papers, garbage… a whole invitation card for visitors to the city!

  5. MARIAN says:

    Good morning,
    I agree with you, and that you have not commented on the cockroaches everywhere ... I personally avoid going through there, except for "force majeure".
    I hope they listen to you and remedy it.