Increase in coronavirus positives in the Marina Alta

May 23 from 2020 - 15: 01

The Marina Alta, or in other words, the Dénia Health Department, has already registered a total of 251 coronavirus infections since the pandemic began, two new positives in the last 24 hours. In the update provided daily by the Ministry of Health, the number of positive cases has increased slightly for several days, with the exception of yesterday, which saw a rebound in nine cases.

On the other hand, and positively, the death rate has not changed for three weeks, remaining at 19, the number of people who have lost their lives in the Marina Alta due to the coronavirus.

The region is still the fourth in the Valencian Community with the lowest incidence of COVID-19, both positive and deaths.

  1. Anni says:

    You'll see when they come to the second homes. In October we will find out

  2. PaMuHo says:

    Very well explained, I cannot agree more with your comment…. It is sad, but it is like that, it costs so much, to be responsible, consistent and respectful with others ????? They should sanction more ..

  3. Joselito says:

    Yesterday a rebound of 9 cases, but in the last 24 hours only 2. How many hours do the days have now? Is this the new normal?

  4. Antonio Sanchez says:

    It is normal that there are rebounds. For a couple of weeks the schedules have disappeared. In the older hours there are more children and young people on the street than in the hours they have set for them. Young people gather in groups without keeping distance at any time of the day. The motorcycles (incurring noise pollution that does not matter to anyone) do not stop driving until late at night. Since the masks are mandatory, almost everyone wears them but few correctly put them on.
    All this coupled with a public and notorious ´ ”hand raising” in terms of surveillance and, if necessary, sanctions means that not only is there a rebound but that, shortly, we will once again find ourselves locked up at home.
    I know that in Denia we live from tourism to a large extent, but that as soon as this time comes there are no laws so that tourists are happy it has always seemed bad to me, but this year with what we have been through and we still have to go through, I seems excessively dangerous. We are talking about everyone's health. To whom it may concern: Take action before it is too late. It is seen that leaving it to the individual responsibility of each person does not work.

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