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This is how Dénia has changed with the Participatory Budgets: concrete improvements in the neighborhoods

November 13 from 2019 - 08: 00

Proposals made within the framework of Participatory Budgets come true. Below, we show a series of improvements in street furniture in different areas of Dénia, fully completed and the result of the Participatory Budgeting initiative.

Look at the changes that have occurred with Participatory Budgets

These actions have been carried out within the framework of the previous Participatory Budgeting campaigns and are already fully operational:

Mirrors, benches and litter bins on Alicante Avenue

This is a performance in which street furniture has been added that did not exist, as is the case with mirrors and benches, and in which the one that was damaged, such as wastebaskets, has been renovated. The mirrors at the intersections facilitate the incorporation to the drivers because they greatly improve visibility. On the other hand, citizens can now take a break to rest in the many banks scattered along the avenue.

Biosaludable areas of Parc Chabàs and Miguel Hernández

These areas are intended for physical exercise through specific devices. Each of the areas serves a part of the city, because they are far from each other. The objective is to contribute to a healthy life and democratize the practice of adapted exercises.

Reasphalting of Passeig del Saladar

The asphalt has been improved in the section between Pedreguer street and Jaume I square. In that area the road was very damaged.

Bike rack at the end of Marqués de Campo

More facilities for those who opt for the bicycle as a means of transport. Now you can leave it in a very central area near everything.

At the moment, the proposals made this year are in the evaluation phase by the technicians. In a few days, the final list of ideas that will be put to the vote will be prepared. This list will be published on the participadenia.es website, and citizens can vote between the 2 and the December 16 which ideas they consider a priority. Voting winning proposals will be included in the City Council budgets for 2020.

To have all the information, follow the profile of the City of Dénia on Instagram (denia_ajuntament) and the Facebook page @participadenia.

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