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The only Dénia'd better win at Ilicitano

May 11 from 2013 - 00: 02

Last league match for Denia as home. A shock to which only triumph is worth everything else would condemn the team to the Preferente. The worst thing is that neither winning is assured the permanence, yes, at least would come alive to the last day where the team will play in Llosa.

The directive Dianense has determined that the party is open, access to Diego Mena will be free. It is intended to create a warm atmosphere for players before such an important event.

The week has been quiet, there is no need to motivate, players know what is at stake. The task is complicated ahead they will have one of the best teams in the category. The Ilicitano comes to Denia being second and with possibilities to be champion.

At the sports level in Dénia they are low by penalty; Gervasio and Carlos Ribes As well as the coach, Guillermo Santosjuanes That will have to direct from the stand, all of them have been sanctioned with a party.

The match is played tomorrow at 18 hours in Diego Mena and will be led by the referee, Chaves Gallego.

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