Evaluation of the PP of 2020: "This has been a terrible year"

30 December 2020 - 12: 48

It has been one of the most dramatic years that we have lived. Unfortunately we have left many people, neighbors, family, friends ...

So, taking stock of this year is more difficult than ever, but we have to do it.

From minute zero, the government team has counted on our full collaboration to, together, to overcome this horrible pandemic that is still attacking us and that has left great personal and economic damage. Irreparable. It has been a year of great collaboration between all the political groups in our city, but even so, we believe that this government team has not risen to the occasion for various reasons that we will now discuss.

The first thing we want to highlight is the bad economic situation in which our city is plunged for many reasons: due to a pandemic, due to confinement and because of the little help that businessmen of all kinds of our city have received from the government team.

Back in April we began to have weekly meetings in which we proposed various initiatives to help these groups and our neighbors, but we always received the same response from this government team: NO

1.- NO TO THE TEMPORARY SUSPESSION OF THE PUBLIC ROUTE OCCUPATION RATE to relieve hoteliers and restaurateurs on whom so many families depend to survive and make it to the end of the month.
We have repeatedly requested throughout this year this temporary suppression of this ordinance, as many neighboring municipalities have agreed, but the answer has always been the same: NO, NO AND NO.
Since it has been done in neighboring towns, we do not understand why it is not done here.

2.- NO TO THE REDUCTION OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF AID FOR BUSINESSMEN so that many more professionals and entrepreneurs could access them.

As of today, the aid of the Alicante Provincial Council is being resolved, now, at the end of the year, when more than one business in Denia has had to close its doors because it has not been able to resist this avalanche of taxes (increase in the autonomous among others) to which this government has us accustomed, either at the local level or at the national level.

The aid that this City Council has obtained has been very few and very difficult to request. This is how it went. In a municipality with more than 4.000 businesses there are only 165 applications. This says it all.

In other municipalities of the region, governed by party colleagues of the mayor of Dénia, they already go for the third line of aid, which more businesses, freelancers and other SMEs opt for because, among other things, they are much easier to request, and they are endowed with a larger budget.

3.- NO TO THE SCHOOL NURSE: We also requested a school nurse to attend to the children and teachers in schools both for surveillance and advice on measures against the pandemic, as well as to follow guidelines in a healthy diet and help improve the health of our minors. The answer again, NO.

4.- NOT TO LISTEN TO THE NEIGHBORS ABOUT THE PEDESTRIANIZATION OF DIFFERENT STREETS IN DENIA: To make matters worse we have half Denia raised pedestrianizing areas that the neighbors do not want pedestrians because they already know what this implies: less movement of pedestrians and vehicles, less sales , less work, less income ... A disaster. They start the house on the roof without providing basic solutions to basic daily problems of our neighbors. Where can we leave our vehicles so that we can go shopping at the market or downtown? In Torrecremada? How do the residents of the center take their purchases home? On a scooter?

5.- NO TO AID FOR THOSE AFFECTED BY DANA AND GLORIA. In addition to all this, in January and in September we suffered the severe blow of two storms, Dana and Gloria. To this day, our neighbors from them Deveses they still don't see their problems solved.

In this regard, the Popular Party of Denia has presented amendments to the budgets of the Consellería so that at least an item of € 60.000 is allocated for the basic equipment of all those who saw their houses destroyed and their furniture totally useless.

6.- NO TO THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE MADRIGUERES TRACKS: Throughout the year we have requested ad nauseam that the Madrigueres tracks be fixed so that the athletes who go to them do not get injured, but, look, there is no money for this either. With how little it would cost to clean up these tracks that so many children have been using for more than a year while the Sports Center was being arranged ... Anyway, there are other priorities in this government team such as spending € 100.000 in the Urban Planning department. Maybe that's how it starts to work, what it takes.

But since everything cannot be negative, this year we presented several motions that saw the light, thank God:
1.- Motion to request a subsidy to help the sports facilities of El Trinquet.
To date, this grant has been partially achieved and the outer courts have been fixed.
2.- Motion in defense of trawling.
3.- Motion to join the network of friendly cities for the elderly.
4. Thanks to the work and collaboration provided by the Popular Party of Denia, it has been achieved that the garbage rate is not raised for all residents and businessmen of Denia, which implies great savings in our pockets now that we need it so much.

As a conclusion to this "annus horribilis" we would like to point out that the Popular Party will continue to extend its hand to the government team in everything that is beneficial for our city and our neighbors, with the responsibility of continuing to exercise control over municipal management That leaves a lot to be desired.

The current municipal management is bad. The government team has an absolute majority, yes, but in a democracy things cannot be done "because I am worth it and I command it."

We hope that next year will be much better for everyone and that, little by little, we will see the light at the end of this horrible tunnel in which we are immersed.

Happy holidays and happy new year to all the residents of Dénia.

  1. María Ivars says:

    Worse is impossible.
    The beaches, the beach bars, the commerce… Everything has worsened with this socialist government, partner of Bolivarian drug traffickers, murderers and coup plotters.
    The management of the PP is beginning to be missed.

  2. pepper says:

    Those of the PP waiting for their moment of glory basically. Wait when it's their turn and they do the exact same thing or worse ..

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