UNED Dénia hosts the exhibition 'Unknown Ethiopia' until September 29

Start date: 20th September 2022
Finish date: 29th September 2022
Event type: Exposition
Site: UNED Dénia
Event finished

The exhibition "Unknown Ethiopia" has opened its doors this week with the presence of the Spanish photographer and researcher from the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemicals of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) Pepo Prieto, Paco Moreno, founder of the NGO ADS (Development and Sustainability Action), Paco Roselló, mayor of the municipality of Dénia and Raquel Martí, Director of the UNED DÉNIA Center.

By visiting the exhibition we will discover the Ethiopian way of life, as Pepo explained, "Ethiopia lives in the Neolithic, they are living like us 5000 years ago and that is what we can see here. A type of people who live in a country so strange.” In addition, it will be possible to verify through their photographs the work carried out by women and girls who, from the age of 8, are in charge of carrying 20-liter water drums over distances of 15 km.

From the NGO ADS they have been helping to obtain water for 17 years. “Their water is brown. What we do is build wells so that they have drinking water and now we are working on more projects such as the creation of schools.”

The UNED disseminates the work carried out from the ADS and the CSIC with the exhibitions in all its centers, they also collaborate by training women researchers, in areas such as photovoltaic energy, sustainable agriculture, sustainable chemistry, all the needs that are detected there, as well such as studying at the university and doing internships in companies to later be able to put the knowledge into practice in Ethiopia, leading their research groups and thus helping the girls so that they can study.

Raquel Martí, commented "we hope that with the visualization of the exhibition in this UNED Dénia center it will serve to raise awareness and be able to contribute to helping the women and girls of Ethiopia".

The exhibition 'Unknown Ethiopia' can be seen until September 29 in the UNED Dénia building.

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