Dance and body expression workshop in Emòtica

22 2011 April - 00: 00

Taught by Marina Paris.

"Dance is not just an art, it is a way of living, a way of expressing, a way of being"

Patricia Stokoe

This week I want to present to you the workshop that we have been doing in Emotica Espai de Benestar for a few months. This activity was born with the idea of ​​opening a door to personal development through movement, dance and Body Expression.

This discipline allows us to connect with our body and from it recover a space to develop our creative and playful capacity. In addition, it allows all people, children, youth and adults, to unlock and physically release, communicate from the body, dance freely and play with the creativity of movement and sensation.

The classes start from an awareness of the body through relaxation and stretching, which also allows us to know and improve our postural habits, and continue with exercises (many of them based on Contemporary Dance) that ultimately lead to games groups of movement and improvisation, where each person freely explores their instinct and expressive needs.

No previous experience is needed and the benefits are many: it increases our body awareness and improves our postural habits, eliminating unnecessary stresses and pains; develops creativity, the relationship with oneself and with the group, allows to release emotions, communicate through movement, share, learn, laugh.

The only thing you need to come to the classes is ... come!

Emotic, space of benestar It is on Avenida Ramón Ortega (Dénia)

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