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Rejuvenate with a platelet-rich plasma treatment in CUME Polyclinic

30 September 2019 - 09: 21

Have you heard of the platelet-rich plasma infiltration method? It can be said that, among all anti-aging treatments, it is one of the star techniques, for its ease and effectiveness. polyclinic CUME It tells you its advantages and its effects.

There are many ways for the passage of time not to be noticed so much on our skin, and away the dreaded spots, expression lines, grooves and sagging. The most commonly used techniques are treatments with botox, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, peels, and lasers, specifically fractional CO2 and dermabrasion.

But the star method uses the patient's blood, which causes no reactions or allergies. By centrifuging the blood, platelet rich plasma is obtained. It is applied by making small infiltrations in the patient's skin, without leaving any visible mark. For the effects of rejuvenation to be noticed more, it is advisable to perform this treatment twice a year.

Benefits of platelet rich plasma

With the treatment of platelet-rich plasma improves skin appearance, color, texture and elasticity. This is because the Epidermal Growth Factors, which are found inside the platelets, are responsible for stimulating the tissues. The effects are visible in a few weeks, because you have to give some time to tissue regeneration. It is an easy procedure and with very good results but it needs a few times. Platelet-rich plasma, in addition to delaying aging, repairs damaged tissues such as stretch marks, and infiltrates the joints and scalp, also helps improve them.

In Polyclinic CUME they help you decide what is the treatment or combination of them that your skin needs. Personalize and look for the best for you. Go see them at Salvador Salvá Street, 6, under (Avenida Amanecer, 37) in Jávea, or call 96 579 2324 and make an appointment.

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