Protect your home from light and heat with a motorized screen awning in Alucardona Pvc y Aluminios, SL

04 October 2019 - 10: 00

Were you looking for a solution to protect your home from light, heat and privacy? Pvc and Aluminum Alucardona, SL presents the new Wind screen or motorized outdoor blinds. They are type awnings screen (screen) that go up and down through an engine and are especially suitable for outdoors.

new Wind screen They are a high performance solution to control heat and light even in strong wind situations. These systems offer the possibility to choose between two drawer sizes: 105 mm and 125 mm. The selection of the best blind depends on the design you choose and the dimensions of the window or glass door you want to cover.

Protecting your home from heat makes it more sustainable, since you don't need so much energy to cool it in summer.

In Alucardona Pvc y Aluminios, SL are specialists in the manufacture of aluminum and PVC enclosures, they have 25 years of experience. They are always looking to innovate in systems and materials to offer you the best solutions. Contact them on the 965784992 or 620 635 626 phones. Or talk to them in person at Partida Madrigueres Sud, 14.

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