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May 29 from 2020 - 10: 59

You still have time to take care of your legs to show them off this summer! In polyclinic CUME They offer you treatments to improve your varicose veins, your circulation and to give them a healthy appearance. Of course, with all the efficiency and safety. Below you have all the information.

  • Sclerosis is one of the most effective and most advanced techniques against varicose veins. In general, it involves injecting a sclerosing (hardening) substance that causes the varicose veins to transform into a fibrous cord that is gradually reabsorbed by the body.
  • Improve your circulation with bioresonance, a complementary treatment that takes advantage of the electromagnetic waves emitted by our body to promote self-healing. Mesotherapy stimulates lymphatic circulation, with lasting results in a single session.
  • LPG is a massage for shape your body and improve your circulation with a body draining effect.

Check all the details of the treatments with Polyclinic CUME, they will be happy to answer you. The health of your legs is important!

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