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Healthy weight loss with the Novaline method in Herbalist Antonia

May 22 from 2019 - 11: 23

With the arrival of summer comes the so-called "bikini operation", however, the way in which this is done can mark a before and after in health.

It is very easy to get carried away by those diets that promise a quick and effortless weight loss, however, these miracle diets lead in the future to serious health problems, such as nutrient deficit or loss of muscle mass, in addition to achieving an effect contrary to the desired, where after abandoning these dietary patterns, the previous weight is recovered and even the body fat increases.

With the method of weight control of Novaline, it is intended to make a change in the habits of life, where advised by a health professional, a completely personalized and balanced menu will be prescribed. You will also have the help of food supplements and coaching techniques to ensure an effective and safe weight loss. Weight loss will be assessed every two weeks and, through a bioimpedance system, the body composition will be measured to analyze the loss of fat and fluids.

Do not hesitate, get in the hands of Patricia, Dietitian-Nutritionist, and get a change of life and an improvement in health.

You will find them in herbalist Antonia, Archduke Carlos Square, 10, or contact through the number 966 42 01 69. Request your appointment now.

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