Olga and Ona: the students of the Patricia Dance Studio Sentí classified in the International Dance Campus of Valencia

19 2022 April - 14: 35

Two students from Patricia Dance Studio Sentí have been selected to participate in the Valencia International Dance Campus, organized by the Mediterranean Art and Dance Association (ADAM).

Image: Classified students of the Patricia Sentí Dance Studio

Olga S. and Ona L. just 12 years., will participate in the International Dance Campus of Valencia next August and despite their young age they have a great capacity for effort and a common dream: to be dancers. They spend a lot of time at the academy that they have to combine with school and homework. They both thank their teacher Patrícia Sentí the transmitted passion and professionalism.

On the other hand also regret the difficulties with whom the youth who want to dedicate themselves professionally to dance, as well as the differences that exist between their male and female colleagues who practice other disciplines, such as music, a specialty that has conservatories in numerous locations.

The selected young women feel lucky for this opportunity, since said campus is a meeting of dance students, dancers and professional dancers in which they have the possibility, on the one hand, to improve their technique and, on the other, to work on the artistic part through extracts from pieces by internationally renowned choreographers. .

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