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Natura Garden, Your garden center.

With 25 years of experience and more than 10.000m2 exposure, we design your garden as the best professionals at your disposal. Seasonal plants, indoor plants, artificial flower, decorative items, tools, decorative ceramics, pots, seeds, fertilizers and more.

Nursery section and shop you will find a wide variety of plants exterior, interior and a wide range of items and accessories for your garden quality brands at the best prices and with all the guarantees of quality.

Come to Natura Garden, Your meeting point with nature in Dénia.


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  1. Enric Gil says:

    Good morning, I wanted to know if I can buy a plant online, I guess it is tancat and I cannot go to buy

  2. Mary of the sea more says:

    I like plants !!! 😍😍

  3. Miguel Lopez Vidal says:

    I am looking for a garden or nursery with German-speaking clients who temporarily need my knowledge as a gardening technician who speaks perfect German.
    Data: Miguel Lopez Vidal, 30 years. Tel + 34 722 484 070

  4. Frank Behrens says:

    Kann ich von Deutschland aus einen Geschenkgutschein bei Natura Garden online kaufen? Ein Kollege zieht demnächst nach Denia und wir möchten ihm zum Abschied einen Gutschein schenken. Beste Grüße

  5. MARIA ANGELES Acebron says:

    Hello, you have purple wisteria? Please you have approximately? Thanks

  6. Claudia says:

    Hello, you have jovibarbas globiferas?

    • NATURA GARDEN says:

      Good morning Claudia6, right now we do not have this variety but will receive shortly. You can consult again early next month on our phone 965788024. Thank you very much.

  7. I edurdo says:

    hello geotextile mesh and you have money and measures and schedule, thanks

  8. Strefler says:

    Gramma plantitos need. ? You have

    • Natura Garden says:

      Good morning,
      If we trays of grass cuttings 80 and 17 price is €,
      We will be happy to help if you pass by our store.

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