Medusa organizers prepare a macro festival at Safari Park

January 14 from 2020 - 09: 58

In 2010, the Safari Park zoological reserve closed its doors forever after almost 40 years of activity. Since then, the 44-hectare complex has gone hand in hand without reopening or offering any new proposals. At last it seems that it will be used as, this time, a stage of a macro festival that they hope to turn into a reference at European level.

The organizers of the famous Medusa festival, which every year brings together tens of thousands of lovers of the most disco music in Cullera, have now reached an agreement to launch a new proposal in the old zoo. They will do it in a completely new line and, although close, different from that of their older sister in the province of Valencia.

Under the name of Octopus, the organization intends to bring this summer already, from July 17 to 20, to the main hardcore and hardstyle DJs, which have not yet penetrated in Spain but that devastate northern Europe. They have already confirmed names like AniMe or Angerfist to open their doors, which will be joined by countless artists of the genre.

They expect that 15.000 people go to this new bet a day, at least during the next 2 years before a hotel complex is held on the premises, as published by Las Provincias newspaper. After? They still do not know what they will do with the festival, although the organizers intend to keep it in the region due to its tourist relevance during the summer months.

  1. Bettina says:

    Will this festival really take place? It would be fatal for animals and people !! It is in an area of ​​great nature value !!!!
    They should not allow it.

  2. Maite says:

    Making a macro festival in a natural environment is an outrage. It will seriously affect the ecosystem in which it is found. The garbage that will be generated (even more when they will be glasses, plates and silverware apart from thousands of cigarette butts that will end up in the waterways incorporating great toxicity) will be huge. It is a time for bird breeding. Do you have the environmental impact study to do it?

    • Carmen Gomez Lorenzo says:

      It seems that Pablo Iglesias is worried and is NOT aware of the environmental damage so serious that it would be done to the Safari area and more now as the stormy “Gloria” has left the coast.
      All the waste that was generated, would go to these beaches that they want to protect so much through the rivers and canals.
      Let us then communicate to these authorities that they have recently been in these parts, what they intend to do here and avoid.
      It seems that only money matters and the destruction of the environment does not count.
      Let the festivals leave where they are made and these areas of the Vergel, leave them alone.
      Let's talk to Pablo Iglesias, so he can cancel the concerts in this place in order Law forever and protect what little we have left ...

  3. Enrique says:

    In the safari park inhabit a lot of birds and animals that a macro festival would kill them.

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