The best tricks to choose the ideal fan for your home with Vimaluz

05 July 2019 - 14: 43

Have you thought about installing an air conditioner in your home for the warmer months? The fans offer a much more natural and healthy air than air conditioners, since it is not so dry and only moves the air that already exists.

At present there are a variety of fans, with different sizes, motors and shapes. We can find fans that do not have blades, or that take them out only when we are going to use them, with or without light, with LED lights that can be adjusted and change colors, with Bluetooth, to play music and use it with a tablet or mobile phone.

When buying a fan, we must take into account where we are going to install it. It is important to know the square footage of the room or if it will go right over where we are or on one side.

Where to place it

We must also remember that if a fan is at 3 meters from where you are, you probably will not get the air you expected, so you have to always place it in the same area where you are going to be.

In the rooms, it would be appropriate to mount them on top of the bed to cool off in the night, while in the living rooms it is advisable to install it as close as possible to the sofa or armchairs where you are going to be.

There are also outdoor fans, which are usually made of plastic, rattan or aluminum. Although they exist with a higher protection index so that they can get wet, if they do not get wet, and the terrace is covered, any fan can be used.

The fans without blades or blades that are hidden are designed for all those who do not like to see the fan all year and even remove them and put them back in season. When these fans have folded blades, only one ceiling light is visible.

Factors to consider

Regarding the noise of the fans, we must take into account the age, but it is more important the good assembly, both the fan and the installation on the roof. Remember that the blades have to be level and the roof as smooth as possible.

The type of motor is important at the time of the resistance that the motor can have in hours of use. Currently there are DC motors, which provide more duration and less consumption, in addition to quieter. Its performance is greater.

The number of blades does not influence the amount of wind that a fan makes. The important thing, besides the engine, is to buy the right fan for each area and a correct installation.

Professionals Vimaluz They will advise you on the purchase of the most suitable fan for your home. Visit them in Partida Madrigueres Sud, 60 B.

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