Students of IES No. 3 visited the facilities of Fernando Moll

08 October 2015 - 00: 00

Fernando Moll He received students of IES Nº3 occasion of an informative tour so that they knew the facility and discover the "ergonomics".

Students were able to learn how to sit, take care of their backs and advice on how to maintain a correct posture in the study chairs or in the future, at work. Thus, the so-called "ergonomics" aimed to raise awareness among young people of back problems that can lead to bad postures.

In addition, they were happy to know the workings of machines Fernano Moll office in Denia, and the full range of furniture and operation of the company.

In short, students enjoyed a day outside the classroom, snooping and knowing the workplace and operation of a company of technical services, computer consulting and design of spaces and office automation, as is that of Fernando Moll.

Fernando Moll

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