Mediterranean cuisine.

Castell d'Olimbroi Square

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  1. html says:

    Total breach of the smoking ban smoking in an enclosed on all four sides and roof terrace

  2. Cristina says:

    Bad treatment to customers not specify anything on the menu, we were charged VAT invoices -in put us drinks that we had not taken-the menu was supposed to 2 but the dishes barely had food to 1.

  3. Rosana says:

    I love quarantine since they opened. The staff is very friendly and responds quickly. I've never had any desastre.Me like and I can always go, especially on Fridays.

  4. Bon menjar .... says:

    My em will please moltíssim on TOT staff, desorganització res.
    In PLE estiu, ho portaven d'Allò més bé, i do not paraven, amb totes les plenes taules ...

    I will return Encantat! follow pas or not!

    Supose that that semper hi Allo has some Xicotet disaster, not s'acompleix ha that I do not m'ha res passat.

    I et happens if that extrany that tornes hi ... no?
    Jo no ho faria ... in canvi, then I will.


  5. Gracita says:

    They are estremadamente slow. the service is not very nice and some disorientation and disorganization that adversely affects the quality of care to the public is. It notes that it is a place for people passing through. or at least they treat you well, as to the tapas, fresh fish stands and Iberian ham,
    We ordered an entrecote carving, oil was first literally ask you to spend a little more and they brought him after almost 20 minutes later dry and cold. We've been several times and there is always some small disaster

  6. Madrides says:

    The crayfish with onions, im biasing !!!!!!!!!

  7. Belula says:

    Great atmosphere, awesome food in a unique setting .... I will be back….

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