IES Sorts de la Mar

Brief History

The story of the third institute of Dénia is the shortest to be the school most recently built in the city.

Needs secondary education of the city of Denia and the region of Marina Alta could not be seen covered with the two institutes existing secondary school, IES María Ibars and IES Historiador Chabas, so that growing demand forced, in 2007, to create a new educational center that in its early years, did not have a edifcio as such and was installed in barracks in a nearby sun at IES María Ibars.

They were years of struggle by the educational community, parents and students until, in 2013 / 2014 course, the new building was inaugurated in the Camí of Santa Llúcia, which meets all the requirements for a center like this characteristics.

In March of 2019, and after a vote of the educational community of the center, the name was officially changed to IES Sorts de la Mar.


The building of the IES Sorts de la Mar has capacity for 800 students. The IES Sorts de la Mar has 16 classrooms of ESO and 6 of high school. The building is L-shaped and has a cafeteria, and an orchard area. As for the sports facilities, the institute has a gym and a trinquet.

Courses offered

The Institute of Secondary Education Sorts de la Mar de Dénia teaches ESO and Bachillerato courses. Among its offer does not have special education, although the teacher reinforces students who need special support.

The IES Sorts de la Mar does not teach training cycles of any family.

Phone and address

The IES Sorts of the Mar de Dénia is located in the Camí de Santa Llúcia, in the area known as C1. To contact them you can call the 966428235.

AMPA IES Sorts de la Mar

The parents of students of the IES Sorts de la Mar are one of the educational communities that has made the most strength so that the new building becomes a reality. You can contact them in your P or the blog in which periodically hang information interest.


Camí de Santa Llúcia, 3 -

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